As millions of Americans continue to give to a worthy cause, the significance of our generosity is never more profound than in these challenging economic times. And while giving is a reward unto itself, those making the sacrifice to help others can often use a little help themselves.

With My Plan It Traveler Rewards For A Cause program, non-profits, schools and charities can raise money and awareness for philanthropic causes while providing supporters with exclusive travel savings benefits.

Rewards For A Cause makes it so simple to raise money without asking supporters to purchase anything extra.  Supporters just shop online at 900+ stores while you earn money. As a special thank you, we reward supporters who participate with travel savings credits that they can use to access wholesale pricing on travel on

  • Earn royalties without cannibalizing other traditional fundraising efforts
  • Supporters earn exclusive travel savings not available in general public
  • Free enrollment for supporters
  • High value

For more details please visit Rewards for A Cause or contact us at